When people say ” The cheapest item after pure
water is sex ” I don’t really dispute this because sex is
everywhere now But men who run after ladies of low
virtue need to realise that sex might be cheap But
love and commitment is not. A virtuous woman is
priceless and worth more than gold, she’s a blessing
to her man and brings softness and beauty to his life,
Show me a successful man and i will tell you there is
a praying and cooperative wife complementing him.
GENTLEMEN, If God has blessed you with a woman
who stays by you through thick and thin, Love you
regardless of what and invest her life in yours. Please
do not let her down by engaging in the cheap sex
saga. discipline and self control is what makes you a
man, say no to marriage and relationship breakers
Who sometimes you don’t even need to stress before
they sleep with you, They are destiny destroyers. Sex
is spiritual, Think twice before you scatter what you
have built for years on the stable of cheap sex………

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Ladies, don’t leave the guy who opened his
heart to you for a guy who spend money
for you. A real woman would never do that. A
real woman would never give in to that kind
temptation. A real woman would never get involved
with another guy while already being
involved with a guy already. Trust me, it isn’t
worth losing the guy who chose you to share
he’s life with over some guy who chose to
sleep with you for the night just for pleasure.
It isn’t worth losing the guy who knows you better
than anyone else does over some guy
who barely knows you well enough to let you
hit it. It isn’t worth losing the guy who has
been with you through thick and thin over
some guy who only wants you when you’re
well-off. Don’t let those players……. make you lose
sight of what’s
important, or else you’ll regret losing the
best thing that’s ever happened to you. Think
about it and act accordingly sis

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Closed Eyes Can See

That’s not a mistake.

It’s a very sound advice.

Most of our doubts are introduced through the
things we see on the outside.

Most of our fears stem from external circumstances
and situations.

How many times have you robbed yourself of the
privilege of a breakthrough simply because you

You allowed the whispers of uncertainty become
a whirlwind that swept you off track and wind you
up in a little corner.

That doesn’t have to be your reality this week.
Deal with doubt. Take that step. Make that move.

There is a popular saying in Latin.
“Fortes fortuna adiuvat”

which means..

Fortunes favours the Bold.

Which furthers translates to good things
come to those who are bold enough to take
the risk.

For a simple solution that will crush your doubts
and lift you to new heights of conviction.

Remember you never win if you don’t try!

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Marriage is the only school where you get the Certificate before you start. It’s also a school where
you will never graduate.
It’s a school without a break or a free period.
It’s a school where no one is allowed to drop out.
It’s a school you will have to attend every day of your life.
It’s a school where there is no sick leave or holidays.
It’s a school founded by God:
1.On the foundation of love.
2.The walls are made out of trust.
3.The door made out of acceptance.
4.The windows made out of understanding
5.The furniture made out of blessings
6.The roof made out of faith.
Be reminded that you are just a student not the principal.
God is the only Principal.
Even in times of storms, don’t be unwise and run outside.
Keep in mind that, this school is the safest place to be.
Never go to sleep before completing your assignments for the day.
Never forget the C-word…Communicate.
Communicate to your classmate and to the Principal
If you find out something in your classmate (spouse) that you do not appreciate.
Remember your classmate is also just a student not a graduate, God is not finished with him/her yet. So take it as a challenge and work on it together.
Do not forget to study the Holy Book (the main textbook of this school).
Start each day with a sacred assembly and end it the same way. Sometimes you will feel like not attending classes, yet you have to.
When tempted to quit find courage and continue.
Some tests and exams may be tough but remember the Principal knows how much you can bear and yet it’s a school better than any other.
It’s one of the best schools on earth; joy, peace and happiness accompany each lesson of the day.
Different subjects are offered in this school, yet love is the major subject.
After all the years of theorizing about it, now you have a chance to practice it.
To be loved is a good thing, but to love is the greatest privilege of them all.
Marriage is a place of love, so love your spouse. More grace from God.
Share with all your married friends to encourage them, and to your unmarried friends to counsel and educate them.
Please add your comments, thoughts and contributions, God bless you.

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Man UP

Why u need 2 Man up and chase ur Dreams
1. Talent is given, Greatness is earned
2. Don’t let someone else’s opinion of u become ur reality
3. Listen, Smile, agree and then do whatever u were going 2 do anyway
4. Don’t let a bad day make u feel u have a bad life
5. D person who say something is impossible should nt interupt d person doing it
6. It never 2u late 2 be what u might have been
7. If opportunity does nt knock, build a door
8. D higher u climb d better the view
9. With patience u can even cook a stone
10. Dnt tell me d sky’s limit wen dere is footprint on the moon
11. In life u get wat u put in, everything comes back around
12. If u settle 4 just anything, u will never know wat u re truly worth of
13. Death is not d greatest loss in life, d greatest loss is what dies inside while u are still alive
14. Dream as u will live forever, live as u will die today
15. As long as u are going 2 be thinking, THINK BIG
16. Life is a stage u get only one performance, make it a good one
17. Nothing is impossible, d word itself says I’m possible
18. Dont be afraid 2 give up d good 2 go 4 d great
19. Live is short, live it. love is rare, grab it. Anger is bad, dump it. Fear is awful, face it. Memories are sweet, cherished
20. Don’t live ur fears, live ur dreams
21. Everyday is a new beginning, take a deep breathe and start again
22. Begin each day with a grateful heart


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The “Stingy” Church

  • I have a lot in my mind to say but they are so much I don’t know where to start from, but firstly let me say this. I believe so much that the church is the place where we worship our God almighty, and also I see the church as the abode of Gods presence especially when his children gather together in fellowship to the glory of God.
    I have been to several churches right from the day that I was born and there is this one thing I have always sought so well to find but always lacking, to the extent I am begining to wonder if without we can really say we have a church. That thing I am talking about is True Love.
    When the topic: Love is brought to the table of discussion amongst Christians, it is hastened up, people begin to drag their feet, even when some talk,they don’t say the facts to detail but rather they specialize in roaming in circles around the main issue. This is very appalling and so embarassing.
    The main essence of church ” Love and Fellowship” is no longer an important matter anymore.
    When we love, we care , we are concerned about others, we share, we don’t look down on others, we are sincere, its a sign of holiness, we don’t judge, we don’t suspect, we tolerate others, we don’t curse or haul out insults, we encourage, we don’t take advantage of other people, and so on.
    I feel a true church should care less about building structures, and care more about building lives. A true church ought to realize that without the people there is no church and so the people are the church. A true church should care a lot about the welfare of her members by ensuring that none is found wanting in terms of their daily living, lifestyle, economic, spiritual, social and material needs. A true church would see the great commission as a primary and essential factor to her objectives. What am I saying?, In short a true church should be the bedrock or foundation of every individual resonating into a better and a more organized society.
    Is this what we find today in our present day churches? I ask this pertinent question because I feel so much pain within when I see the rot and decadence that decorates our society and immediate environment. I shout! And am forced to assume or would I say conclude that the major cause of our problems today is the Church.
    Though I stand on this premise that there is nothing impossible with God Almighty who knows the end from the beginning.
    Looking at these trend you would find an act that can be well described by the word “Stingy”. What does it mean to be stingy? I would say its the act of not giving easily i.e. being covetous. Not been generous. Ok. Now can we say that the church of today dully obeys the scriptures to the letter when the Bible says it is better to give than to receive? When a member(s) in your church is(are) in need, is the church hasty to help that individual(s)?, as the case may be, or they drag their feet until the need is met somehow from a different source.
    -Pls tell us what’s the situation like in your church and those churches around you.
    -Do share with us your experience if you have and we would learn.
    -Is your church a stingy church? let’s know why you feel so.
    -How can we remedy this situation ravaging churches today and its growth.
    -What role would you play to stem the tide of stinginess in church members and the church as a whole?

Your comments goes a long way to help other people learn and for us all to work in ensuring the best change churches would need to attain greater heights to the glory of God.

Thank you.

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Died in Active Service

Long sex may kill you
Few weeks ago, I was called to see a patient.
Without delay I rushed down the stairs and
headed to the hospital wards. The man was
sitting in the back seat of a car that brought
him. I watched him closely but there was no
respiratory efforts, I went for the pulse, not
palpable, no cardiac activity, pupils were dilated,
fixed and unreactive to light. I watched foam
rush through the mouth and nostrils. Obviously
he is dead.
Still panting from the unplanned exercise I did, I
felt bad I couldn’t do anything for him.
Out of curiosity, I wanted to know how he got to
that point. The wife, a young lady in her late 30s
told me they were playing when suddenly he
became distressed, struggling for air and she
tried to calm him all to no avail then she raised
alarm for help.
I quickly asked if her husband was hypertensive
and she admitted. I requested for his drugs,
luckily they came with his drugs. I went through
the drugs, and was able to identify some and it
included: digoxin, Viagra, lisinopril.
In my little mind I concluded the young man in
WIFE” from heart attack.
My assumption may be right or wrong, but seeing
those 2 drugs, I won’t be blamed for my
assumption. He may *Rest in peace to the
Have you imagined why men die more? Have you
ever noticed that there are more widows than
widowers? Just check in your little village, then
extend it to your community and you will be
surprised what you find. I just want to pick one
of the reasons I feel contributes to this. I will
appeal that this is solely my opinion, it may be
wrong or right.
Every responsible man wants to satisfy his
family and wife in terms of providing for their
basic needs *and also satisfying his wife in bed.*
But doing this at the expense of the man’s life is
what I want to condemn. It is a common
experience this days that *women openly talk
about how bad their spouses are in bed,* and
most times the woman makes life difficult for
the man by throwing abusive words at him. It is
also common to see a lot of products being
openly advertised and marketed for enhancement
of males sexual performance.
*A lot of women are responsible for their
husband’s death* because of their excessive
demands for sexual satisfaction, and in the bid
to satisfy the woman the man take drugs that
endanger his health, and their lives are cut short.
If I may ask, *Is sexual satisfaction the basis of
relationships or marriage?* Some times some
women even asks for bigger penis and my fellow
man will be taking the risk to drink all sorts of
drugs just to enlarge his penis to satisfy the
woman. Is this not just mocking God who
created you? At the end *you may die
SATISFYING A WOMAN.* Why not ask the
woman to reduce her vagina to size you up
It is important to note that a *man’s sexual
performance depends on a lot of factors,* such
as stress, diet, medical conditions such as
diabetes, and drugs such as antihypertensives,
as well as relationship problems.
*How do you expect a man whom you nag,
starve, embarrass in public, whom you refuse to
support financially, who sleeps for less than 3
hours in a day, to satisfy you sexually?*
Sometimes the woman may go behind the man.
Most of the times the women will threaten to go
outside for the so called satisfaction and the
man will be struggling to take higher doses of
the drugs to satisfy her to prevent adultery from
his marriage.
But you know what? That woman you want to
satisfy at the expense of your own life started
having sex before the age of 12 years. She has
been experiencing several sexual activities until
the age of 25yrs or more before she got married.
*Before her marriage, she has experimented sex
widely with many men of different expertise and
energy capacities.* Unfortunately, she married
you, a single man with single capacity, but *she
is already addicted to different sex experiences.*
So how can you measure up, just one man, to
satisfy her?
Don’t die in active service. Please your children,
friends and parents will need you alive. Don’t die
in the attempt to satisfy a woman sexually. *Just
do what you can do* and leave the rest to God.
*If you die satisfying a woman immediately after
your burial other men will come and continue
from where you left of.
*Our dear wives and girlfriends, we are begging
you to help us live a little longer. If you don’t
want to join the WIDOWS CLUB, please help us
financially, appreciate what we are trying to do
for you, encourage us to do more, stop the
nagging, go the extra mile to feed us well, give
us peace of mind, allow us sleep at night, let the
house be the home for also so that we can feel
happy coming home after our daily toil,
understand our health challenges, understand the
side effects of drugs we are taking, protect our
weaknesses, don’t disgrace us to our children
and your friends, and above all pray for us.*
Then we will live longer for you and your
children. Our performances then will also improve
when you make us feel appreciated.
Men please do not harm yourself in any way by
trying to prove that you are a man. Research has
proved that ejaculating 2 -13 minutes is OK. If
you can go higher without drugs better; but do
not take drugs that will damage your heart.
In fact it is natural with several men to ejaculate
fast during the first intercourse so don’t take any
drug for premature ejaculation, it’s not a disease
to be treated. The 2nd and 3rd rounds usually
take longer before ejaculation. Attempt to take
drugs to stay on a woman for longer time may
kill you and leave the woman for another man. It
may kill you prematurely so be very careful.
Many men have died trying to satisfy women.

May their Souls Rest In…

The Light

One day I visited a friend of mine, Johnny , who is blind. And because it was night he did something very instructive with a great lesson.

Upon entering the house Johnny switched on the light. And I asked him, “Johnny , why did you put on the light yet you can’t see?”

Johnny laughed for a while and then swithed off the light and went to the kitchen; after a short while he came with a pot of tea and eggs, placed them perfectly well on the table and switched on the light again.

Thereafter, Johnny response made me shed tears because he said to me, “Kings’ I did not put on the light for my own sake. I did it for you because u needed it since you are not blind like me”. Then he asked me, “Kings’how many times have you switched off the light for other people and denied them an opportunity to see light just because you yourself do not need it?”

Beloved, I’m asking you this simple question today, ‘How many times have you put off your lights and denied others an opportunity to see the light just because u do not need it and by so doing they are in darkness today?’

May God help us to put on light for others so that they can see to the glory of God.

Why would you let your accounts grow so big with millions while your brother’s child is going barefooted?

Why would you put clothes you don’t wear in the closet while someone out there is almost going naked?

Why would food rot in your house and gets thrown in the thrash bin while there is someone out there sleeping hungry?

Friend, that is exactly equivalent of putting off a light for someone to be in darkness!

May God bless u this week as you turn on the lights you’ve switched off for somebody to get out of darkness.

Just a random thought!


By Pastor Sunday Adelaja.I know I’m about to get into big trouble with the religious minds but before you begin to throw your stones or quit reading, I will like to beckon on you to relax, take a deep breath and continue readi7ng. Very soon you will get to agree with me as I begin to unveil the truth to you in this week’s article.I want you to know that you being rich or poor is in no way dependent on God. You are the one who is in the position to decide that, so if you being rich or poor is not dependent on God but on you, then it is very simple to predict if you are going to be rich or poor based on what you are doing now. The laws you are obeying or the laws you are breaking is a clear indication of the direction you are going in life. Be it poverty or riches, the choice is yours to make.There is nothing mysterious about being able to predict if you are going to be poor or rich. I know a lot of us grew up with the notion that poverty or riches are a function of fate. The notion is not true; it is only a superstition. There is no particular person God created and said ‘your fate is to be poor’. People become poor or rich based on what they know and don’t know. It is actually based on the principles you are putting to work in your life and the ones you are not putting to work. Remember life is governed by principles; those who put these principles to work succeed but those who don’t fail.In other words, when you break a principle, you don’t really break the principle, you break yourself. Having this at the back of our mind, then you can see how simple it is to predict if you are going to be rich or poor.You are the one who decides if you will be rich or poor. It is not dependent on your pastor’s blessings or anointing or fasting and prayers. Do not be deceived by the religious myopic practices. None of these things people do today is a principle of wealth creation. You can predict if you are going to be rich or poor in life. I know right now, there might be some question running through your mind. I know you mind be thinking is he out of his mind? No my dear friend, I am not out of my mind. I am only bringing you a truth you are not used to hearing because you have been thought the wrongs things and have been lied to.If that be the case, then how does a person know if he is going to be rich or poor? Note, that I am not talking about hope but how you can know for sure if you will be rich or poor.
How can you really predict that?
What is that factor that can really give someone the confidence to say I am going to be rich?Not to worry your head with too much questions, just continue reading and you will get the answer to all your questions and more.So many people have hoped to be rich and never became rich. Yes, this is not just a philosophical saying, neither is it just a fact, but it is the truth and nothing but the whole truth. Just hoping to be rich has never made anyone rich neither will it make you rich. Wake up from that slumber and get to work, for hoping is not one of the principles of riches, money or wealth. We live in a time when people have so many high hopes with little or no work to bring those hopes to actualization.To be continued Tomorrow, don’t miss it.Excerpts from the Book “Money, Wealth and Riches”. #DSABOOKSThis book can be found on and Amazon.comFOR THE LOVE OF GOD, CHURCH AND NATION
By Pastor Sunday Adelaja.



In this part of the world, it is commonly advised to leave a marriage if it’s characterized with domestic violence and physical assault especially when a life is at risk but no one is advised to leave a marriage when it is characterized with emotional violence or psychological trauma. While domestic violence and physical assault may kill instantly, emotional violence and psychological trauma kill slowly and silently. Sometimes it is better to experience physical violence than emotional violence. Everyone can see the effect of physical violence but most times effects of emotional violence are not seen.
The extent of agony many people go through in the name of marriage today cannot be describe with words. The unseen pain some are subjected to due to emotional violence are unspeakable. Some marriages are hell on earth.

Only God knows why Moses allowed men of old to divorce their wives. But Christ gave us a clue “Because your hearts were hard and stubborn Moses permitted you to divorce your wives; but from the beginning it has not been this way.”

Today we still have men whose hearts are more cruel and terribly wicked. Men who intentionally put their wives through unbearable and undesirable emotional trauma. Men who make their wives cry all night and subject them to unseen pain. Men whom their wives tears mean nothing to them. Some even called those painful tears “crocodile tears”. The same tears they won’t allow to drop from their sisters eyes. What a wicked generation.

Some women does not have a say in their marriage, everything revolves around the man. They are made to submit to men who find joy in their tears.

Why do we advice people to leave their marriage when they are abused physically but compel them to remain when they are abused emotionally and psychologically?

The rate of undiagnosed sicknesses and diseases are alarming these days because of what women go through in their marriages. Women are always at the receiving end because it does not matter how wicked her husband is, she must be forced to submit. What is the essence of being in a marriage that is bringing pain everyday? If the church could advice separation when one is been abused physically, such should be recommended too if there is emotional abuse that is life threatening.
This is not to encourage intolerance and impatience. Many of us still in our marriages today had gone through many pain causing experiences. We had paid the price of peace we are enjoying today. There are times of provocations, misunderstanding, frustration, lack, malice etc. All these and more happen in every marriage at one point or the other, they are not yardstick to seek for separation because it’s part of growth in any relationship.

You need sound mind to be in marriage, don’t go insane because of one unrepentant spouse who takes pleasure in your pain than happiness and peace. If you desire peace but your spouse desire trouble, you are in a wrong marriage.
The purpose of marriage is for mutual companionship and friendliness. Marriage is a place where burdens are lifted not where burdens are mounted.
Are you in a marriage that gives you more tears and pains instead of happiness and peace? Retreat and seek for help before you lose your life.

*Peaceful home is our concern!*


Dr Olanike Busari
Important Lessons

She asked a question in a general group on WhatsApp.
I responded to the question professionally.

She tagged my response and typed: “you’re an idiot”

I replied: “Thanks so much, now that you point my attention to this idiotic part of me, I’ll surely work on it, God bless you my dear…”

And the whole place shook. Over 118 people commented and were so surprised by my response. Of course she was terribly bashed to the extent that she left the group.

An hour later she called me to apologise for her stupidity bla bla bla.
We became friends.

Then I ended up handling her premarital counselling sessions.

Two days ago, on my birthday, she and her husband gave me a gift worth over 1.2million naira.
This was a year after she called me an idiot.

Life Lessons from this experience.

1. MATURITY: Your reaction to negative feedbacks or situations shows how mature you are.

2. CHOICE: You have the power of choice whenever anybody does or says anything offensive to you.

3. SELF CONTROL: If someone calls you anything negative and you lose yourself and begin to fight or shout or do anything terrible, you only prove them right.

4. SILENCE IS GOLDEN: It is better to keep quiet and people think you’re a fool than for you to open your mouth and they confirm you’re truly a fool.

5. DISCERNMENT: You cannot because the baby pooed in his bath throw the baby away with the bath water.

6. POSITIVE POWER: You have the power to win people through your maturity and composure and not through overly being more sanctimonious than the person.

7. POSITIVE IMPACT: Life is all about people. If I had responded to her negatively, I would have lost a friend forever.

8. WISDOM: There are people who are sent to you by God to help your journey in life to be worthwhile, your meeting point might be at a fighting point. Be wise, even when you’re angry.

9. HUMILITY: She was humble enough to call and she apologized.

10. RECONCILIATION: Maybe there’s someone you need to reconcile with today also, go ahead and do just that.

We can all get better with ourselves, with these 10 key lessons thanks and have a beautiful weekend.
I found this interesting and thought it good to share.


Lots of women are losing their husbands to strange women out there and most women are yet to know what these men really see in these women that make them to get glued to them despite the facts that they know that these women are more expensive and most are full of sexual transmitted diseases.
Hi wives, you need to know the sexual secrets of these faceless women, sorry they are better than you in the bed, you need to step up to match up with them and beat them in their dirty games. Take your time to read this and get your husband back, these are their secrets:
They understand that one of the weaknesses of most men is sex and they make good use of this. Wives are careless about this, instead of using sex to create intimacy with their husbands; they use it to create animosity, anger, bitterness between them and their husbands.
Use sex as a tool of love to create intimacy in your marriage, don’t use sex to destroy your marriage, use it to build it.
In a report, most married men reported that their wives hate kissing; they said it is difficult to get a decent kiss from their wives. Strange women are experts in this area they use kissing as a weapon.
Don’t turn kissing to wresting in your marriage, stop been local. Kiss your husband even when he is not expecting it.
A man said he hates to see his wife in panties because according to him, she always looks like a wrestler. Lots of wives are like this, they are fond of wearing pants whose colors are different from their bras, looking like a rainbow, with dirty pants, outdated underwear, bra that looks like tarpaulin, wearing of boxers that is meant for men, wearing of knickers and tying of wrapper to bed. Strange women are creative in this regard they are fond of using neat, sexy panties and bra. They always balance colors under there.
Wives wake up, fashion starts form under, not from head gear or rope sieve bag, the real fashion is looking sexy when you undress before your husband.
Strange women not only wear sexy underwear, they also wear killer nighties. While wives dress to bed and look like a soldier in bed, strange women dress to capture the man even before getting to bed
When you are going out dress up, when you are going to bed dress down. Dress to capture the imagination of your husband, get very sexy, nasty nightie for your husband’s eyes only. Men are moved by what they see, let your husband she the angel in you
You see it as a chore, you see it as dirty, you even wish it is removed from marriage, it never cross your mind. But for these strange ladies, they see sex as a serious business and do everything to keep their clients and customers. They use all marketing strategies, branding, product, packaging, marketing and advertisement.
Begin to see sex as a serious business, rebrand yourself, repackage yourself because you are the real product.
Wives are fond of saying “Is it food?” What a foolish statement! It’s not food, it’s more than that. Strange women’s are aware of the fact that men see sex as food and they serve it hot and better
Get into the fray, treat it as the food of your husband. Serve it better than before, never say, “is it food?” again in your life, it is more than that
7) SEX IS IN THEIR MIND: Babies, house cleaning, cooking, nd washing are in the mind of wives; sex is never in their minds, they never think of it, but away women put it in their mind and their body is ready no wonder they hardly look tired for it.
At least two or three time a week, put sex in your to-do list, put it in your mind and see how your marriage turns to be
8) THEY PLAN FOR SEX: Strange women plan for sex the way you plan for your cooking; they look forward to it and carry their catch along in their plans.




God created a normal man with high libido and while he’s healthy he will always look for sex. Even after he’s born again his penis is not born again. Being born again does not make a man hate sex, he only control his desire for fear of God.

The majority of adult men under 60 think about sex at least once a day. Only about one-quarter of women think about it that frequently. As men and women age, each fantasise less, but men still fantasise about twice as often”. “Men want sex more often than women at the start of a relationship, in the middle of it and after many years of it.”

Sex means love to a man!
Sex means life to a man!
Sex is food to a man!
Sex means health to a man! Etc.


First of all, ladies need to understand the system of men. They didn’t ask for this. They didn’t create themselves.

Do you know that 95% of healthy men wake up with an erection? Did they bargain for it? No!

Do you know that the penis has a mind of its own?.. You can be reading your bible and your penis will stand.

A man can be sleeping, once a woman start rubbing the penis, it stands even when the man is asleep!

Have you asked yourself why men are never on any periods? cramps or bad moods? That’s how God created them.

A man is naturally always ready for sex. Rub a man on his head, he already thinks you want sex, wink at him, he’s already seeing you naked, wave at a man walking with his wife, he will lose focus.

Its not by in “Jesus name” or “HolyGhost fire”. That’s why some churches don’t allow ladies with short dresses to sit in front because they will confuse pastor. Its not by anointing or Sheri ma ma ma ooo. They didn’t manufacture the high libido by themselves. They are all created in God’s image.


So many great men have fallen because of sex. Do you think they wanted to?

Soldiers in front of war still develop urge for sex, a woman may not if in such situation.

To show you how bad it is, so many soldiers were killed during Biafran war because a woman lured them inside bush.

David in the bible sent a woman’s husband to the war front for him to die so he can have sex with the wife. A man after God’s heart o, hmmmm.

Do I need to tell you about Samson? How he became a weakling at the lap of a woman. Imagine the strongest man in the world but so weak down there.

Solomon and other bible characters were at the mercy of their libido. Their wisdom and anointing could not help. It can only take the grace of God and some level of maturity to curtail this. Note, to curtail not to remove.

The way our body react to this is not the same women’s body react to it.

How many great women have you heard messed up because of dick? Maybe few.

So next time a man ‘misbehaves’ because of sex, don’t see it as he’s a beast or an animal. They are just responding to nature. You must understand you’re stronger in this aspect.
Don’t be like “I have lost the respect I have for you” “I thought you are responsible” “so this is what you wanted”? Etc.

Easy madam, even that your father, a 17 year old girl can make him lose focus and collect his gratuity money meant for your inheritance.

*1. Sex begins In The Body.*

While women’s desire for sex may be prompted by their mind, memory, or emotional feelings of connection, for men desire is physical. Men have massive amounts of testosterone coursing through their bodies, pushing and driving them toward sexual expression. Erections spring at the slightest provocation in young men. And for an adult man, seeing his wife or partner coming out of the shower naked causes his body to react. It is hard to overestimate the way his body chemistry directs his mind’s psychology toward the sexual. Women aren’t wired that way.


Erection is a state of arousal of sexual desires in a man in preparation for sexual exploit. Having an erection is natural but obeying the dictates of your erection is a choice. For every erection, there’s a responsibility. Wise men have control over their erection but foolish men obey their erections.
Any erection not properly controlled is capable of leading one to early grave. Unsolicited erection is no respecter of persons. Anointing, righteousness, strength, age etc has no power over erection, only self-control and self discipline can curb an erection.

Many became useless fathers because they didn’t control their erections.

Some are in prison because they followed the dictates of their stupid erection.

Others have lost great opportunities in life because their erection pushed them.

Some are bed-ridden at the altar of uncontrollable erection.

The stupidity of erection is that most times it isn’t selective. Unchecked erection had led great kings to be at the bed of their slaves and maids. Stupid erection has led some to sleeping with their blood sisters. Erection has not left the clergy out of the drama as many have been found messing up with those they ought to be Shepherd over. What a stupid erection!

A strong man is not measured by the level of his physical muscle or by the number of nations he has conquered but by his ability to control his erection. No man in history could be said to be more powerful than Samson yet his erection made him the weakest in history, his erection made him fall at the lap of a woman. David killed Goliath and conquered many great nations but he couldn’t conquer his erection, he became weak at the sight of Bathsheba, the wife of his servant. Reuben ruined his future and generation after him because of his uncontrollable erection.
Don’t let your erection destroy your destiny!
Your erection is a sign you are a real man but following it to everywhere it leads you is a sign of weakness.

Any man who cannot control his erection can’t control his life.

The only time your erection cannot mislead you is when you use it within the confines of your marriage.

Stop following your erection, follow your vision.

*3. Sex Is Like Food To Him*

Women don’t feel this way but to a man sex is like food to him. Like food gives him physical strength, sex gives him psychological strength. Men who have regular sex with the right woman thinks better than those who abstain from sex.

A wise woman will understand this secret that as a man gather momentum to bless after a good meal so also he does after a good round of sex. After Isaac ate the venison he blessed Jacob, after Elijah ate the widow’s last meal, he blessed her etc. Women should learn to take spiritual blessing from their husbands after good meal and after good sex, the morale at that times are higher. Secret for the wise woman. Ask him to bless you after sex instead of asking to give you money or material things.

*4. It Eases Stress*

Men who are hardworking need good sex to stay healthy and emotionally balance. Sex to a man is a supplement to removes fatigue after a stressful day. He’s more active the next day when he gets those stress off. He’s radiant and full of life if he gets sex rightfully and timely.

A man does not mind having sex everyday. This is why it seems as if an
average man has a seed of polygamy in him. An average woman can’t have sex everyday. A wise and virtuous woman don’t criticise her husband for this, rather she does her best to meet his sexual needs.

I hear women say “can’t he have self-control?” Is not as easy for him like is easy for you. If your husband have self-control please celebrate him, it is a rare gift among men.

Women can endure sexual starvation, most men cannot. If you don’t want him to cheat, don’t starve him. Don’t spiritualize it, many spiritual men had fallen, don’t let your man fall.

*2. He Is Moved By What He Sees*

There is a powerful connection between the man’s eyes and his sexual organ that controls his mind and action. If you don’t want a man to get sexual arousal don’t let him see female flesh (especially the sensitive parts). If a 90 years old woman display her nakedness before a 25 years old man, he is like to have an erection. The erection of a man does not differentiate a sister, a mother or blood relation.

The strongest men on earth aren’t heavyweight champions but men who can subdue their erections.

*5. It Is A Medium of Communication*

One of the way a man expresses love is by love making. While a woman expresses her show of love differently a man thinks of sex if he’s in love. It is lack of understanding that makes women say “love is not sex”. To an average man sex and love are twin. If for any specific reason he doesn’t sleep with you to prove he loves you, he only knows when he eventually conquer you he will get it to the fullest. Men are strategists when it comes to sex.


Like money makes a woman happy, sex makes a man happy too. Having sex or lack of it can determine the mood of a man. This is why most men unconsciously promise their women to make them assistant of God before, during or after sex😃. If sex is not making your husband happy, that’s a serious problem.

Imagine Judah using his staff, signet and bracelet as collateral to a woman younger enough to be his daughter just to have sex with her.


1. They can travel for over 400km just to have sex.

2. They can beg for sex like streets beggar.😜

3. Before sex they can be very humble and loyal like Saul’s armourbearer.

4. They can promise to kill their mother for you when they need sex. Statistics had shown that over 50% of promises made before sex were never fulfilled.

5. They can form pity mood or sickness mood if they need sex. After they had gotten what they wanted, they get well without taking any medication.

6. They can run errands like houseboy when they’re high.

7. They obey every instruction before sex. Don’t try some of those instructions after sex if you don’t want to receive hot slap😜

Friend Bewitchment

In my third year in the university I went to a saloon to fix my nails and met a secondary school class mate there, we exchanged pleasantries like old time friends and then began filling in on school gist and gossip. All of a sudden she peeked into my purse and saw the money that was stacked inside so begged me to help her buy Schweppes from the next shop. Her nails were being done while I waited to do mine next, I was doing nothing apart from gisting and pinging so willingly got up and went to buy Schweppes for my friend, from my money of course. I got back and handed it to her and then she begged the girl doing her nails to give her few seconds break to gulp down the soda.

As soon as she drank a portion of the soda, she turned to me and said “Ezy this thing is fake, it doesn’t taste like Schweppes. Please taste a little and confirm if I’m correct”. I told her I wasn’t a fan of Schweppes so might not be able to differentiate between the real and fake taste but she kept pressing me to try some so I snatched the can from her hand and poured part of its content into my mouth, I saw the look of satisfaction on her face as soon as she saw that I had swallowed what was in my mouth. It was the Schweppes I have always known, at least the few times I drank Schweppes it tasted exactly that way. I turned and told her it wasn’t fake, it was the real Schweppes and all she said was uhm ok. She didn’t argue, she simply gave the remaining to the girl doing her nails and that was it.

I went to bed that night and saw my friend in the dream for the first time, she was beckoning on me to follow her somewhere but I kept declining and telling her I’ll follow her next time. I had the same dream the next night and 2 nights after and I still didn’t follow her. On the fourth day I went to a friend’s party and had few glasses of red wine, I’m not a heavy drinker; in fact I get light brain, lol. I ended up getting a bit tipsy, I went home and climbed into bed and slept off immediately. On the fourth night I had same dream, but this time I agreed to follow her. My spirit was a bit weak in the physical, remember I said I was a bit tipsy so had no serious hold in the spiritual. We walked a long way in a bush path and afar I sighted very many beautiful girls by the river bank ,just as I took few more steps ahead my dad appeared from nowhere with a long stick. He asked me where I was going and I told him I was going somewhere with my friend, next thing he descended on me and chased me back with the Cain he held. While I was running back, he kept saying “Did I train you to have such friends? You don’t belong there”. Then I woke up. My dad was far way at home, I was in my apartment close to school.

When I woke up I was so angry, that was when I started asking myself why this girl kept coming to me in the dream recently. This was someone I never dream of when we were close, why the dreams now that we are no longer even close? Next thing like a flash I was taken aback to the Schweppes encounter and heard a voice say, “pray against bewitchment” I was so angry with myself and the girl. I kept screaming her name and saying, how dare you? I prayed and prayed and prayed, omg I almost twisted my ankle when I was falling under anointing😂. Truthfully i was scared of becoming a tool in the hand of the devil. I was so angry too and that was when everything became clear .I couldn’t wait to sleep and show this girl pepper. Night came and I drank a bottle of anointing oil😂 , prayed and slept. Dream started and this girl no fear, she landed in the dream, this time she wasn’t smiling like I wasn’t smiling in the dream to, in fact I slept with holy anger. She dragged my hands and started pulling me with her; she wanted to pull me with force, she was done asking nicely. I got mad and landed her a slap and next thing we started fighting. Even as we fought she kept pulling me like her life depended on it, I beat her until she bled from her mouth and ears, her friends ran away and she started begging. I kept hitting her while she begged and swore never to bother me again.

The shocker was when I bumped into the same girl on my street next morning and she acted like she didn’t see me, I screamed her name and next thing she ran. I never saw her in the dream anymore but I learnt a big lesson.

Why did i recount this experience?
Not everyone on your street is normal.
I want to screw this facebook friend, I want to do this, I want to do that. Be careful who you are meeting up with, very many people are walking around being controlled by demons. Demon Possession and evil spirit transference is real, it’s not a myth.

And to parents
I know you tell your kids things like
Don’t take anything from anyone
Don’t make bad friends
Don’t forget your God
Always go to church
But you know what?
Even a child has a mind of their own.
There is something called youthful exuberance. A child would go out there and want to fly; they would want to taste the waters. One day they would be tempted to collect something from a friend and eat and you would not be there. They would have friends that they think they can trust and would start to listen to their counsels too. They would look at their mates and want to be fly like them. No matter the word of God you instill in their hearts, these things are bound to happen. Your kids would have to decide how they want their lives to be. That in no way makes you a failed parent, things like that is bound to happen.

A friend told me a story, he made few bad choices while in the university and was about to join his group of cult friends for a robbery when his mum rang. She was crying over the phone, she just had a revelation and told him to stop that bad thing he was about to do. Dude got scared and ran away, his friends went ahead for the robbery and all of them died. That marked a turning point in his life, today he is a part time pastor.

The spiritual alertness of parents can never be over emphasized. What if my dad wasn’t spiritually alert? What if he didn’t step in the moment my own spirit was low? Being a parent transcends catering for the child’s physical need, its more than enrolling the child in the best of schools, the spiritual needs is also important.

Constant intercession for that child is necessary.
Not every child would make good decisions always, bad decisions would be made, detrimental decisions too. Sometimes those bad decisions are necessary for the child’s self discovery. Everyone makes mistakes

Every Parents has to make a conscious effort to stand in the gap for their children spiritually so that the moment their children are weak and is getting swept off by the cares of life, they are swept right into their back and maybe ,just maybe there could be redemption for that child.

Always remember, the spiritual controls the physical.
“Drops mic, sways hair and catwalks away”.
Credit :Laura Ezinne Idika

The Buharist

Former heads of states and past presidents are still in shock, they didn’t know what hit them.

Saraki and Dogara that attended were in awe, they wished it was a dream, but, no, it wasn’t a dream, the Big Man with Big God has been sworn in, …self imposed emotional trauma ensued.

They had claimed ownership of Nigeria, they boasted of how they brought Buhari to power in 2015, they told us that Atiku was the next president, …boom, Buhari floored them.

Their shame skyrocketed, their strongholds shattered, who will they share their heart aches with?

GEJ and AIT were in Rivers, to them, Rivers was more important, statesmanship has been redefined and Gowon stands tall, he differentiated himself from the forest lizards.
…kudos to him, but, did he have a choice? Maybe yes, maybe no.

Buhari reigns over the affairs of Nigeria, he is our President till 2023, even if the swearing in ceremony was done in his bedroom, we don’t care, ours was to vote him, we voted him, … wailing has been resubscribed for another four years.

Those that prayed for social unrest have become shadows of themselves, …those that went to court to stop the inauguration have crashed, …those that empowered bloodsuckers, banditry and kidnapping to create anarchy are struggling to regain their lost souls.

Buharists are the game changers, they took the bullets…
Some lost their jobs for supporting Buhari.
Some were attacked by thugs.
Some lost their friends, relations, homes etc.
Some were openly castigated in places of worship.
Some were called names👇
Fulani Slaves …etc

Someone told me to my face that I won’t live to see May-29-19 …to him, I was going to be killed during the electioneering campaigns, today is 30-May-19 …I am alive and sound, he has apologized, I have forgiven …but I haven’t forgotten.

We have never said that Buhari is an angel, a miracle worker nor a magician …our point was and is very clear, Atiku “cannot” be moulded in Buhari’s clay.

Yes, you can’t take away the human factor, but, Buhari is a rare breed amongst politicians.

Hearty Congratulations to all Buharists Worldwide, we came, saw and conquered.

God Bless The Federal Republic Of Nigeria.
God Bless President Muhammadu Buhari.
God Bless All Men Of Good Conscience.

©Chidi Churchill Agwara.

Pro Life Discipline

In the earlier days, african mothers raised their children with a firm hand. They will beat you black and blue for simple things like eating and drinking in a neighbour’s house. “So! You! Wan! To! Dis! Grace! Me!” Enough backhand slaps in-between.

“This! child! you! will! not! kill! me!” Each word is punctuated with serious beating. You dare not answer back. You dare not refuse to show up for supper. You dare not do anything. The only thing you can say is “sorry ma”

The truth is that, this is one of the reasons suicide was not common in Africa. We hear of suicide nowadays a little more than we did before. Children are being raised with kid gloves. Ehm. You are grounded (meaning you can’t go out. Stay in your room). Ehm. No TV for you. Ehm. You won’t get any pizza or ice cream this weekend.

S’oro niyen? Is that anything?

There are cases of suicide due to mental illness or very terrible and overwhelming life problems and we must not speak carelessly about such tragedies; but there are some cases simply due to foolishness; foolishness that should have been unbound from that poor soul in childhood

Proverbs 22:15
Foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child; The rod of correction will drive it far from him.

Such people grow up and cannot take any kind of suffering. They are easily overwhelmed by situations. You failed an exam three times so you want to jump from the bridge into the lagoon. ..So because of unemployment you want to do your own personal Olympics? Your boyfriend left you and started dating your bestfriend, so you went to drink Sniper.

You need cane.

I remember a sixteen year old girl whose mother brought her in because she had abdominal pain. After asking so many questions and examining her, there was no clear cause of this discomfort. No cramps. No indigestion. No nausea. Nothing. Something in her expression hit me, she was smiling sheepishly throughout …as though there was something she was not saying. I pleaded with the mother to step out for 5 minutes so I could ask her more personal questions. “There’s nothing she doesn’t tell me” the woman said. I pleaded again and she obliged. When mommy went out, aunty teenager told me that she had developed a crush on Justin Bieber and since then her stomach had been paining her.

You see that? Nonsense. Foolishness. Butterflies in the stomach for someone in america who doesn’t know you. Foolish butterflies. Nonsense. (This was my personal opinion o, not my medical opinion. My medical assessment was constipation of stupidity. 😁 Just kidding…….this was a somatisation disorder).

You are 22 you have kissed 25 people, slept with 15 and had 4 heartbreaks. Why won’t you have emotional turmoil? And you have two parents o. Two living able bodied parents. Hmmm.

See. If you were raised by our kind of mothers…if you want to kill yourself and you just think about her, you will change your mind. Go and tell her you want to kill yourself. Two backhand slaps and you will change your mind for 50 years.

Those slaps have a way of resetting your destiny.

Your mother will tell you “when I finish beating you today, suu you won’t be able to say, talkless of ..cide”. In fact, if you kill yourself and she finds you. She will wake you up and say “Let me kill you first before you commit suicide. Foolish girl”. In fact, after committing that suicide when you hear her voice your body will jump up and shout “Mommy, I’m not committing again…im not committing again oooo” and as you are saying it you are running away from her

…Back into fullness of life.

It’s not that they didn’t sit us down to talk to us lovingly about life. That one was there too. In fact the talk was so much that you will be saying in your heart “Just beat me and let me go”. They loved us. Suffered for us. Gave us everything they had, and made sure we were okay; in fact you can’t kill yourself simply because you will just think about your parents and whether out of love or fear, you just cannot; but all these modern day theorists with their interesting ‘researches’ don’t want to agree that there is a kind of foolishness that needs physical discipline in addition to verbal and emotional guidance.

I read the trending story of a guy who demonstrated good fathering by buying rubber shoes for his son and seizing all his nice shoes; for laughing at another child for wearing rubber shoes. Very good. In my days, a few slaps might have followed; or you will kneel down or “pick pin” for three hours until your whole body is shaking and all your clothes are swimming in your sweat.

Please o, don’t copy everything american. We pray for good children who listen to loving guidance, but when you see your child seriously misbehaving, don’t mind this new school philosophers who say “Beating doesn’t work.” It does o. A whole generation can testify to that. God bless our fathers and our mothers who did not spare us. As long as it is done in love, physical discipline is sometimes very necessary.

Proverbs 23:13-14
Do not withhold correction from a child, For if you beat him with a rod, he will not die. You shall beat him with a rod, And deliver his soul from hell.


Happy Sunday

© Ebele Uzo Peters