When people say ” The cheapest item after pure
water is sex ” I don’t really dispute this because sex is
everywhere now But men who run after ladies of low
virtue need to realise that sex might be cheap But
love and commitment is not. A virtuous woman is
priceless and worth more than gold, she’s a blessing
to her man and brings softness and beauty to his life,
Show me a successful man and i will tell you there is
a praying and cooperative wife complementing him.
GENTLEMEN, If God has blessed you with a woman
who stays by you through thick and thin, Love you
regardless of what and invest her life in yours. Please
do not let her down by engaging in the cheap sex
saga. discipline and self control is what makes you a
man, say no to marriage and relationship breakers
Who sometimes you don’t even need to stress before
they sleep with you, They are destiny destroyers. Sex
is spiritual, Think twice before you scatter what you
have built for years on the stable of cheap sex………

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Ladies, don’t leave the guy who opened his
heart to you for a guy who spend money
for you. A real woman would never do that. A
real woman would never give in to that kind
temptation. A real woman would never get involved
with another guy while already being
involved with a guy already. Trust me, it isn’t
worth losing the guy who chose you to share
he’s life with over some guy who chose to
sleep with you for the night just for pleasure.
It isn’t worth losing the guy who knows you better
than anyone else does over some guy
who barely knows you well enough to let you
hit it. It isn’t worth losing the guy who has
been with you through thick and thin over
some guy who only wants you when you’re
well-off. Don’t let those players……. make you lose
sight of what’s
important, or else you’ll regret losing the
best thing that’s ever happened to you. Think
about it and act accordingly sis

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Closed Eyes Can See

That’s not a mistake.

It’s a very sound advice.

Most of our doubts are introduced through the
things we see on the outside.

Most of our fears stem from external circumstances
and situations.

How many times have you robbed yourself of the
privilege of a breakthrough simply because you

You allowed the whispers of uncertainty become
a whirlwind that swept you off track and wind you
up in a little corner.

That doesn’t have to be your reality this week.
Deal with doubt. Take that step. Make that move.

There is a popular saying in Latin.
“Fortes fortuna adiuvat”

which means..

Fortunes favours the Bold.

Which furthers translates to good things
come to those who are bold enough to take
the risk.

For a simple solution that will crush your doubts
and lift you to new heights of conviction.

Remember you never win if you don’t try!

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Marriage is the only school where you get the Certificate before you start. It’s also a school where
you will never graduate.
It’s a school without a break or a free period.
It’s a school where no one is allowed to drop out.
It’s a school you will have to attend every day of your life.
It’s a school where there is no sick leave or holidays.
It’s a school founded by God:
1.On the foundation of love.
2.The walls are made out of trust.
3.The door made out of acceptance.
4.The windows made out of understanding
5.The furniture made out of blessings
6.The roof made out of faith.
Be reminded that you are just a student not the principal.
God is the only Principal.
Even in times of storms, don’t be unwise and run outside.
Keep in mind that, this school is the safest place to be.
Never go to sleep before completing your assignments for the day.
Never forget the C-word…Communicate.
Communicate to your classmate and to the Principal
If you find out something in your classmate (spouse) that you do not appreciate.
Remember your classmate is also just a student not a graduate, God is not finished with him/her yet. So take it as a challenge and work on it together.
Do not forget to study the Holy Book (the main textbook of this school).
Start each day with a sacred assembly and end it the same way. Sometimes you will feel like not attending classes, yet you have to.
When tempted to quit find courage and continue.
Some tests and exams may be tough but remember the Principal knows how much you can bear and yet it’s a school better than any other.
It’s one of the best schools on earth; joy, peace and happiness accompany each lesson of the day.
Different subjects are offered in this school, yet love is the major subject.
After all the years of theorizing about it, now you have a chance to practice it.
To be loved is a good thing, but to love is the greatest privilege of them all.
Marriage is a place of love, so love your spouse. More grace from God.
Share with all your married friends to encourage them, and to your unmarried friends to counsel and educate them.
Please add your comments, thoughts and contributions, God bless you.

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Man UP

Why u need 2 Man up and chase ur Dreams
1. Talent is given, Greatness is earned
2. Don’t let someone else’s opinion of u become ur reality
3. Listen, Smile, agree and then do whatever u were going 2 do anyway
4. Don’t let a bad day make u feel u have a bad life
5. D person who say something is impossible should nt interupt d person doing it
6. It never 2u late 2 be what u might have been
7. If opportunity does nt knock, build a door
8. D higher u climb d better the view
9. With patience u can even cook a stone
10. Dnt tell me d sky’s limit wen dere is footprint on the moon
11. In life u get wat u put in, everything comes back around
12. If u settle 4 just anything, u will never know wat u re truly worth of
13. Death is not d greatest loss in life, d greatest loss is what dies inside while u are still alive
14. Dream as u will live forever, live as u will die today
15. As long as u are going 2 be thinking, THINK BIG
16. Life is a stage u get only one performance, make it a good one
17. Nothing is impossible, d word itself says I’m possible
18. Dont be afraid 2 give up d good 2 go 4 d great
19. Live is short, live it. love is rare, grab it. Anger is bad, dump it. Fear is awful, face it. Memories are sweet, cherished
20. Don’t live ur fears, live ur dreams
21. Everyday is a new beginning, take a deep breathe and start again
22. Begin each day with a grateful heart


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The “Stingy” Church

  • I have a lot in my mind to say but they are so much I don’t know where to start from, but firstly let me say this. I believe so much that the church is the place where we worship our God almighty, and also I see the church as the abode of Gods presence especially when his children gather together in fellowship to the glory of God.
    I have been to several churches right from the day that I was born and there is this one thing I have always sought so well to find but always lacking, to the extent I am begining to wonder if without we can really say we have a church. That thing I am talking about is True Love.
    When the topic: Love is brought to the table of discussion amongst Christians, it is hastened up, people begin to drag their feet, even when some talk,they don’t say the facts to detail but rather they specialize in roaming in circles around the main issue. This is very appalling and so embarassing.
    The main essence of church ” Love and Fellowship” is no longer an important matter anymore.
    When we love, we care , we are concerned about others, we share, we don’t look down on others, we are sincere, its a sign of holiness, we don’t judge, we don’t suspect, we tolerate others, we don’t curse or haul out insults, we encourage, we don’t take advantage of other people, and so on.
    I feel a true church should care less about building structures, and care more about building lives. A true church ought to realize that without the people there is no church and so the people are the church. A true church should care a lot about the welfare of her members by ensuring that none is found wanting in terms of their daily living, lifestyle, economic, spiritual, social and material needs. A true church would see the great commission as a primary and essential factor to her objectives. What am I saying?, In short a true church should be the bedrock or foundation of every individual resonating into a better and a more organized society.
    Is this what we find today in our present day churches? I ask this pertinent question because I feel so much pain within when I see the rot and decadence that decorates our society and immediate environment. I shout! And am forced to assume or would I say conclude that the major cause of our problems today is the Church.
    Though I stand on this premise that there is nothing impossible with God Almighty who knows the end from the beginning.
    Looking at these trend you would find an act that can be well described by the word “Stingy”. What does it mean to be stingy? I would say its the act of not giving easily i.e. being covetous. Not been generous. Ok. Now can we say that the church of today dully obeys the scriptures to the letter when the Bible says it is better to give than to receive? When a member(s) in your church is(are) in need, is the church hasty to help that individual(s)?, as the case may be, or they drag their feet until the need is met somehow from a different source.
    -Pls tell us what’s the situation like in your church and those churches around you.
    -Do share with us your experience if you have and we would learn.
    -Is your church a stingy church? let’s know why you feel so.
    -How can we remedy this situation ravaging churches today and its growth.
    -What role would you play to stem the tide of stinginess in church members and the church as a whole?

Your comments goes a long way to help other people learn and for us all to work in ensuring the best change churches would need to attain greater heights to the glory of God.

Thank you.

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Politicians and Votes

At about 4:20pm today July 10, 2018 I walked into Ekpan General Hospital, Warri Delta State to see a friend. Just by the entrance of the Emmergency hall I saw a young mother with about a year old baby girl groaning uncomfortably; You can tell something was wrong. I proceeded to meet my friend at his office.

A few minutes later came out to leave, walking towards my car I saw the same woman this time crying profusely; I called to know what was gong on. She told me her daughter (the baby at hand) who I’ll call “VICTORY” is terribly sick & short of blood. The doctor insisted she has to go buy blood from the lab (two blocks away) before he can attend to the baby and she doesn’t have the money for blood. Immediately I ran like a mad man to the lab, I saw one very reluctant lady who bluntly told me she had closed, I begged for her to attend to us that the baby needs blood, she said it will cost N6,500 which I paid instantly.

She took the money and said to me take the baby to the doctor to prepare her for the blood while she’s looking for her file to know the blood group. By the time I got back I was surprised to see this young guy with trending beards as the doctor. I was touched that a young man of his age could not have compassion on the poor little baby, I quickly began to beg for his attention. First thing he did was to blame the woman for wasting time, he told me that he asked the mother of the baby to go get blood about 30mins before but she did nothing but cry. By the time he brought out his stethoscope to check the baby, #Victory was gone.

The doctor turned to me and said, she’s gone. Immediately I broke down in TEARS; people stood there looking at me like am the father of the baby. Everything happened so fast, in less than 10mins the baby was gone. VICTORY is my #HERO! She fought #poverty, she fought #blame, she fought bad #governance, she fought #corruption with her life. Questions began to flow through my mind….

(1) How did we get here?
(2) Where’s the State free health care for 0-5yrs old if they still have to pay for blood & medication?
(3) Why will a Doctor value money over life?

A lot of thoughts were going on in my mind.. Victory could not stand a world full of HATRED, BLAME & SELFISHNESS.

I heard a still voice in me saying ….
We are where we are because ELITES #Refused to #Act. Now I understand what Donald Tusk (EU Council President) meant when he said …”Politicians come and go but the troubles they create will remain with the people”.


Nigerian Hope

There is still hope for Nigeria!

Yesterday in Gwarinpa, I dropped my car at a carwash and decided to use the opportunity to do some little shopping. I flagged down a Keke NAPEP and directed the driver to Bakan Gizo store on 1st Avenue. Done with my shopping, I flagged another Keke NAPEP and ask him to take me to 3rd Avenue. He said he is not taking that route, but after some seconds he said I should get in and he would drop me somewhere close. I did and he zoomed off.

On getting to the T-junction by drumstix he stopped and said I should cross the road and take another keke to where I am going. I then dipped my hand in my pocket and brought out money, but he said no, “I just wanted to help you,” he said in Hausa. I was shocked and I said, “no, take your money.” He said no again and then added that, “It is not because I don’t need the money but I have decided that from time to time, I will help some of my passengers by not collecting money from them, that’s why I said even though I wasn’t going toward where you are, I will shorten the distance for.”

I was speechless. He drove off and left me beside the road still holding the sorry-looking N100 meant for him. This guy would probably go and sleep in one uncomfortable room (if you know how and where most keke napep drivers sleep in Abuja) but yet he insisted on helping. He probably doesn’t eat the quality of food I eat, or has what I have, but he is richer in good deeds.

And the icing is that he doesn’t select who gets his good need. He is a Muslim and I am a Christian but what matters to him wasn’t my religion or ethnicity, but just to help a fellow human being. He is not the richest man around but he is still helping out of the limited resources with him. Despite the fact that he has needs too, but he is still showing kindness. In his lack, he is still showing kindness. He is not using his lack as an excuse not to help, no. He is not waiting until he gets millions before he helps. At the end of the day he would sleep with a peaceful heart full of satisfaction for such selfless acts. God bless him!

I have been so challenged and my views toward kindness to others have further been redefined and strengthened by this simple KekeNapep driver.

There are still good Nigerians out there. A lot of unsung heroes and patriots with good hearts for Nigeria and humanity.

There is still hope for this country.

By Reuben Buhari

Family Pornography


Stop sitting as if you are in the labour room; parting your legs for your son to see your inner tight & pant.

DADDY , don’t wear ordinary boxers at home that you sit down and your ‘thing’ is dangling and your daughter is seeing it.

There are things you should not wear beyond your bedroom, just for your spouse.
Don’t say because you want to enjoy your freedom in your house.
It is not your house alone, it’s a family house/home.
You are putting your children into sexual bondage through these acts.

MUMMY , wearing ordinary bra around the house in the presence of your sons is dangerous.
No, they won’t lust after you. But you might be messing up and increasing their curiosity to see the breasts of ladies out there.

Let’s stop being ‘PORNOGRAPHY MATERIALS ‘ to our children.
Raising sexually pure children, it begins at home. ‘
As parents, it is still our responsibility to build virtue into our family.
If Our Children are not properly groomed, they may never get to the top in life, even if we the parents are at the top of our respective careers.

MANNERS take you to where your education can’t irrespective of your status , money or “who you know”.

PLEASE MUM&DAD, take note of what you just read now. Don’t make mistakes that will bring you pain and sorrow in the future.
God bless you and your wonderful home.

Guest Ministers


1. Nothing is absolutely wrong in having a guest minister to preach for you. In fact it’s be a blessing!

2. Guest minister may not really teach or preach anything much different or better than what you’ve been teaching your people.

3. Invited ministers are most times at their best on another platform. That’s why they’re referred to as guest ministers. That does not mean they’re better or more anointed than the host minister.

4. No ministry grow with guest ministers. Their presence only motivate, encourage and edify but the growth of your ministry depends on you.

5. Guest ministers only attract guest members. Your real people are attracted by your anointing. Keep working and developing yourself.

6. The honour giving to guest ministers in most congregations, if such is transferred to the minister in charge, mighty works will take place through the same man. Anointing respond to honour!

7. It is a blessing to have another minister bless your congregation but be sensitive on who climb your platform. Guest ministers can help to build or ruin the ministry. God forbid!

Mathew 13:54-58.

You’re the best gift God wants to use to bless your congregation. Don’t despise God’s investment on your life!


The Electric Eel

Lately I came to learn more about the Fish called The Electric Eel. Actually, the full name is Electrophorus Electricus.

The fish is commonly found in the Amazon and generally in fresh waters. In the narration of the documentary, Electric Eels are mostly blind although they are not born blind. To me, they are such beautiful creatures and I was wondering, how come they are blind?

I then read about them and came to understand that these animals have three pairs of abdominal organs that produce electricity as a form of defensive mechanism against predators. Whenever the animal is under attack, it activates an electric field of up to 860 Volts (that is nearly 4 times the 240V electricity supplied to our homes) to electrocute its attacker.

The Eel also requires rising to the surface of the water every 10 minutes in order to take in oxygen before going back under the water. Due to this routine, the fish has developed a *mindset* that makes it think it is vulnerable to attack due to its constant coming up to breathe, and hence it is always on a *‘suspicion mission.’*

It is always and constantly electrocuting its environment even when it is not under attack. The sad effect of this is that in the course of continuous electrocuting of its environment, its eyes are also electrocuted and hence its blindness!

But then, as I watched this animal swimming around blindly and only using its sense of feel and ears and been unable to see, it goes into more suspicion and every movement it feels in the waters, it releases further electric shock, _worsening its plight_

The animal thus goes into a cyclic paranoia and self infliction of pain causing it to be more blind irreversibly.

You see, such is the situation in some people’s life. They suspect everybody and everything! They are always on a mindset of
⚠ *’someone is doing me’*
⚠ *’something evil is going to happen to me,’*
⚠ *’someone is planning to harm me,’* etc.

By having this kind of mental pictures, such people release shock waves that electrocutes whoever comes near them!

Friends who mean well are branded *enemies,* parents are considered *evil,* siblings are suspected of hatching *evil plots,* work colleagues are branded *enemies,* Etc.

When people go into such self-destructive modes, all they think about is themselves and not the feelings of others. With the desire to protect themselves, they end up hurting others.

Let us all strive to cultivate a positive attitude of love. let brotherly love continue. In other words, treat each other in a brotherly manner.

*Think and reflect about these things.*❕❗❕

The Kindness

A poor boy who was begging from door to door to feed his hungry stomach, decided he would ask for a meal at the next house. However, at the
next house he lost his nerve when a lovely young girl opened the door. So instead of a meal, he asked for a glass of water.
The girl thought, he looked hungry. So, she brought him a large glass of milk. He drank it slowly, & asked thereafter : ‘how much do I owe you for this ? You don’t owe me anything, she replied. Mother has taught us never to accept
pay for kindness. He said, then I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Years later, that girl (now a woman) became critically ill, and the local doctors tried their possible best to save her life but they couldn’t
cure her. They finally sent her to the big city where specialists studied her rare illness. Dr. Kelly was called in for the consultation, when he heard the name of the town where she came
from, a strange light filled his eyes.
Immediately, he rose & went down the hall of the hospital to her room. He recognised her at once. He went back to the consultation room determined to do his best to save her life.
From that day, he gave special attention to that case.

After a long struggle, the battle was won and the woman was cured. Dr. Kelly requested the business office to pass her final bill to him for approval. He looked at it, then wrote something on the bill and It was sent to her room.
The woman feared opening it cos she was sure it might take the rest of her life savings to pay for it . Finally she looked at it and noticed something was written at the edge of the note,
‘Paid In Full With a Glass of Milk’. Tears filled her eyes as she immediately remembered.
Every form of kindness you show is never in vain, it reproduces itself. Well, not necessarily before your eyes, but it always does. I’ve been kind to you by sharing this story. And U be kind
to share it with others. Its good to be good. Always be nice: It will come back to you

Grooming Errors


It’s a new year and resolutions are in full swing; Time to invest in you! But where to start? Proper grooming can work wonders, but not if you don’t have the basics down first. So, we’ve got you covered; here are 5 common grooming mistakes and how to tackle them.

Everything from harsh weather conditions to shaving takes it’s toll on your skin, which is why it’s all the more important to protect and nurture it. Proper moisture prevents and treats dry skin as well as keeps oily/combination skin balanced. For multifunctional effect, choose a product that works both as an aftershave and moisturizer. Use it immediately after a shower and/or shave while your skin is still soft and damp for best complexion.

A dry shaving attempt rarely ends up successful. Not using shaving gel when you groom your facial hairs will pave way for irritation, rashes, shaving bumps and ingrown hairs, not to mention the serious ouch factor if your hand would accidentally slip. Avoid painful skin and inflammations by using a moisturizing shaving gel and changing your razors regularly. For superior results, shave just after your shower as it helps to open up your pores and makes the skin smoother.

Scruffy and scraggly or finely groomed? Uneven stubbles and messy beards are not a great look for anyone. Make sure to trim the edges of your beard or moustache into shape on a daily basis; go lightly over the edges of your facial hair with a trimmer and a guide comb. Cut everything back to a uniform length and make sure the outline is nice and crisp. While you’re at it, trim your ear and nose hair too to keep everything neat and clean.

Finding products that adhere to your preferences and does the trick for your skin could feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. Instead, you might end up grabbing the first best thing on the shelf. Using the wrong products will only bring down your look, so invest time in really getting to know the different needs of your hair, skin and nails to find what works best for you.

Proper grooming takes you a long way, but it might be a slippery slope knowing when it has gone a little bit too far. Using too much wax will give you a greasy look, excessive use of cologne will be overbearing and plucking away at your eyebrows will only lessen your features. Try to think everything in moderation; balance is key, as well as taking the time to figure out what works best for you.